This my one of my goofiest friend around. Toto 4d Singapore. Just joking his name his Toto which is actually in Chinese is called 多多. Which actually means abundance. He always collecting carrots in his cone, I wonder if the carrots and be eaten though.

Singapore Toto Results 4d
Toto Farm’s
dog got stuck
head stuck

He’s really cute and food motivated you can see that he looks always silly. Getting his head stuck in the grills.

Toto Singapore
Cool Toto
SIngapore 4d toto
daiko Toto

Being a really cheerful dog. He loves to cosplay as gangsters, although he’s not fierce at all. The disparity makes it all funny.

toto results Singapore
Toto loves car rides
toto results live
Toto Hates water
Singapore 4d toto
Little blue riding hood

He really has a lot of funny memes and antics to show, we hope to show you more of his funny antics as time progresses.