This dog attempt to reach the ball makes us laughing

Maybe you feel like this when you are trying to make ends meet and yet at the same time trying to achieve work-life-balance. Maybe you are a young parent trying to struggle between care-taking responsibilities and your work. If you do feel meaningless, perhaps it’s time to find meaning in your life. To reconnect with […]

Simple things in life that we should cherish


It was raining today, but we decided to defy the rules. We went outdoors and started running. It was ultimately fulfilling, as it was a good rush. Nevertheless the cleaning up afterwards was still worthwhile for the happiness gained. Nothing should stop us from having fun. And who says rainy days can’t be fun.

Labrador retriever going to the vet

I’m making a pawtest against unilateral decisions. I did not say I want to come to this hell. But if today I were to meet my fate then so be it. If I were to survive it, it’s a gain, if I don’t survive then see you in my next life. The final challenge. But […]

Playing with my hoosis

I’m a girl too, so I know how important it is to keep up your image. I’m here to let her practice her makeup skills. I certainly do hope that one day I can do my own make-up with my own paws. Then hopefully I can be the most attractive dog in the dog park. […]

Hiding my treasure

One would only hide what is important to them. So What is the most valuable thing to me, money has no value other than it’s just a piece of paper. Snacks are what it really counts. Watch me hide my precious bone under a tree, I’m sure no one is going to notice it. Especially […]

Leaving home

A cute dog performing her antics