Simple things in life that we should cherish


It was raining today, but we decided to defy the rules. We went outdoors and started running. It was ultimately fulfilling, as it was a good rush. Nevertheless the cleaning up afterwards was still worthwhile for the happiness gained. Nothing should stop us from having fun. And who says rainy days can’t be fun.

Are there ghosts in this world?

It was very early in the morning, and we were walking along a very remote path that leads to the forest. Because we were fairly sure that there will be no one around, so I decided to let chye off-leash. She’s trained to follow me, and she will always look back every few seconds to […]

What is in the dark forest?


Today I knocked off early and reached home at about 6pm. When we got to the dog park, it was already 7pm. We anticipated that there’ll be a lot of dogs there. But to our surprise, there weren’t any. So we went to the forest instead. As it is our usual play place. Chye would […]

My dog cake

Today I celebrated Singapore’s birthday with a cake. Look how nice it’s done. All natural, just sweet potato, potato and beetroot. With a 100% meat base. Do visit my site for more information. You can choose our Choice of base with all sorts of single protein and dog proof icing with just a starting price […]

How I drag my human to the dog park.

Going to the dog park is definitely a priority for me. Nothing is more important than meeting my friends. Friends are my everything. Once I see that we’re heading to the dog park, I’ll accelerate the journey by treating my human as a sleigh. He says it’s just like a roller coaster ride. To me […]

What a beautiful place I live in.

We love the place we live in. It’s in the west of Singapore. It’s considered in the suburbs of the city state. It’s a place filled with awesome greeneries and also hosts a lot of dog owners who are really great people to be with. Every morning as we walk through the lake, the grass […]

Doggo came to my house! His reaction was just amazing!

It started with my dad inviting him through an Instagram shout-out. Seeing that he is so eager to see me, His mummy brought him here to my house. When he got over, we realized that he wasn’t comfortable around kids. So my hoo bro and hoo sis went to make friends with him. Although a […]

Leaving home

A cute dog performing her antics