Ever since I opened my eyes, the only world that was known to me was the walls of the shelters of SPCA. My mom gave birth to me there, I was given love and affection and I learnt that by giving back love, you also receive love. I enjoyed my time with my siblings and mother, but you see, I’m an intelligent pup, I know that there’s a world out there, out of the walls of the shelters, so I was never contended to be confined in the shelter. 

On one fine day, I knew my chance of a lifetime came. There was this gullible-looking-pretty little human walking over my cubicle, she was different from all the rest, I just knew that we were meant to be together. But to my utter horror, I briefly heard the word “kitten”, and immediately I put on my puppy eyes, as shown in the picture below:

And somehow my trick worked, this human was mesmerized by my handsome looks. I wondered where I got my handsome looks from, but i guess this would be the only time I was grateful to my father. Knowing my tricked worked, I quickly held on tightly to the human’s hand with my paws. I just knew that she was the one I’m looking for in this life.


The photo above shows me holding on to my mom’s hand, I felt the affinity that transpired across lifetimes. She just had to be the one and only one for me! 

she was my lifeline and my hope. I just know that we had met in our previous lives. And today I reached out to her with my yet tiny paws. The brief moment of touch sparked the fire, my human felt the love, the affection and my hopes. 


She embraced me and said that I was hers forever. Upon hearing that, my joy exploded into a twirl of dance and my tail span at a speed never before. I swear that if I was a helicopter I would have taken off!


 and next I was in the car, she looked at me, I could feel the assurance, and I cherish the new life she has given me. Thank you, mummy! I still remember that moment.


Next stop — my new home! You see, human beings are kind of weird creatures, as you can see they like to do their business in a confined space unlike us. What comes from dust goes back to dust right? But apparently no to them, they like to do it in a bowl, just like the bowl I use for eating and drinking. if human being are so hygienic why are they peeing and pooing to the drinking bowl? I think I never got my head out of it.

there are still many questions in my head that I needed to figure out. As days past, I would often chew on things in the house, but never did she got angry with me,I would also try to chew on human beings, but I soon realize that this is a big no-no and that it was out of limits. I yearn to contribute to my new family so much. 

Oh ya! I also love walkies! These photos were one of my best memories. Mummy took me to downtown for a walk! Now look at these scenery it looks so beautiful!

going out

Me preparing for the trip.


 That’s the puppy me!


 And that’s the handsome me with the backdrop CBD area. Love it to the max! My days were filled with fun and joy with my humans!

However, I began to feel itchy all the time. I tried to bite it away but only to leave worse than before. 


It got really worse day by day and my mummy was deeply worried. A human in white coat said that I might have an allergy and what’s allergy by the way. I guess it has something to do with my body not being able to absorb protein from meat easily. As such, most kibbles and meat were off my menu already. Anyway, I never got to understand what it means. But I’m glad that at least we figured out the problem and I know what to avoid so that the itchy-ness doesn’t get hold of me.

One day, my mummy got to know that my friend Ah Chye is doing home cooked treats and meals. So mummy got hold of some of Ah Chye’s treats, and whooohoooo! It tastes so well!! I never had fresh air dried premium fish before!! Air Dried White Snapper and Air Dried Tuna these are my favourite! and It doesn’t give me allergic problems! WooHooo!


I love them to the Max!! no more allergies and fresh nutritious treats as an addition to my meals! Mummy says finally it doesn’t burn a hole in her pocket any more! As the treats are reasonably priced! Key in “SONICTHESPECIAL” as your promo code and you’ll get a 15% discount. Don’t tell anyone ya!

Thanks everyone for reading till here. I want to thank my mummy and daddy for taking care of me all these days. They are my world and my sunshine, and may all the specials in Singapore find such loving homes as me!