We ordered from Ah Chye on a few different occasions and have tried out a whole range of treats by now. I am impressed every single time, by Ah Chye’s quick service and generosity with his freebies, the website itself with its extensive info and explanations, and the quality of the treats. I always do a taste test with the products before I feed my dogs so for us the less processed the better. I can personally attest to the quality of Ah Chye’s air dried single protein and baked goods. Their air dried protein is crispy, fragrant, and the pieces are cut into bite sized pieces that in my opinion are the just right.

But what I’m especially impressed by is their lamb bites, which is very tasty. It’s a tiny morsel of a treat that’s shaped into a cute heart, but jam-packed with this seriously huge savory lamb flavour. My experience with dog treats are they usually smell better than they taste (esp the commercially preserved stuff) but this is definitely not the case here. My dogs can’t get enough of the lamb bites. I wish Ah Chye made this treat for humans too lol cos I will support hahaha. I have 2 very picky pomskies that are not food motivated at all. I hand feed them all the time. Half the time they turn away when offered a treat 🙁 It’s been a challenge especially when it comes to training. But they seem to love Ah Chye’s treats, so I’m very thankful for that. The date of production is also printed on the package so its reassuring to see that items are freshly made just before delivery.

It also warms my heart when I see the occasional photo of Ah Chye’s family making the treats. Happy to be supporting a small business, and will repurchase again!