Singapore Specials always have a special place in the hearts of many of us, many of us grew up with them, and they used to be part of the kampung where their job was to guard a farm or garden. However, rapid urbanization has displaced their place in this land they once called their own. Some were taken in but, some of them were not so fortunate to be born in loving families. Through no fault of their own, they were born stray. And life can be pretty harsh as a stray in this urban jungle, competition for limited food, not a roof on top of their heads, and often relentlessness culling from hostile parties, all make life challenging for them.

Pepsi is one of such dogs not born with a silver spoon. Born stray, she used to roam the streets in the west of Singapore. She was once named Sasa after the shop she used to be seen in IMM. Through the hard-work of shelter volunteers, she was rescued. This was where Pepsi’s parents generously came in for her rehabilitation, and the journey hasn’t been smooth. Fig.1 – 4 shows the many struggles of her parents slowly working through each one of her issues. Firstly she snaps whenever she feels threatened, no warning growl, no gnashing of teeth, just a straight snap. This might be due to her past trauma as a stray, as she might have been bullied as a puppy. However, her pawrents worked patiently with her issues. Her daddy even suffered many bites. 

Fig.1 shows Pepsi when she was first secured

Fig. 1 This shows Pepsi during after being rescued.

This was during the first day at adopted home

Fig.2 shows Pepsi was frighten during the first night at her new home.

her first bath


Fig. 3 shows her first bath. They manage to wash out a lot of dirt from her.

After a bath

Fig. 4 shows Pepsi after a bath, she does not mind getting wrapped in a towel.

At that time she still needs a crate, as she would have anxiety and trust issues. She even tried to escape once, which was a huge scare for her loving pawrents. She would refuse food, growl at her parents, try to escape, and even snap and cause injuries. Her pawrents were under humongous stress during the time. Her rehabilitation seemed endless and headed towards nowhere, her heart would just not open up to her loving pawrents. Due to the past negative association with human interactions. The merciless devil of her own memories would just not leave her alone.  It was a time of darkness and but not despair. By the consistent love her pawrents offered. Things changed.

half a year later, she could walk well on leash. Comfortably stay in the living room (as shown in Fig. 5).

Pepsi being in crate

Fig. 5 shows Pepsi being in the living room. Now more comfortable of her surroundings. And she starts to be able to enjoy interaction with friends. Please see Fig.6 to Fig. .


Fig.6. Pepsi’s friend.

pepsi friend2

Fig.7 Enjoying the presence of her friend.

Pepsi's friend

Fig.8 Enjoying the presence of her friend.


Fig.9 Enjoying the presence of her friend.

Now she’s also showing more of her goofy side. Please see Fig. 10 – 12


Fig.10 Her goofy looks.

happy walks

Fig.11 Happy walkies.

Im sorry

Fig. 12 I’m sorry mummy for the past hurts I caused.

 If someone had told them how she would have improved, her pawrents will never believe, however, through patience and loving kindness, miracles happen. To those going through the darkness, this is for you! Though Pepsi still has her own quirks, we believe the upward trajectory will continue.

We were glad that one of the things that broke through the defense was Ah Chye’s home-made treats. Never in her life had she tasted such wonderfully made treats. She opened up, and followed instructions. We firmly believe that the way to a dog’s heart is through the stomach. That’s why we make sure that each piece of Jerky is as fragrant and as crunchy as possible. And at the end of the day we were glad that we have played a part in Pepsi’s well-being.

We sincerely hope that Pepsi will grow into a confident girl and be proud member of the society, shining brightly as an ambassador who has overcome the tribulations and fire.