cute dog swimming
Max being the carriage seahorse for the kayak
cute puppy swimming
Max not wanting to disembark from the kayak as he was so comfortable on it. Look at how he can still balance on it when its tilted.
wedding with dog
As dogs owner we all know that we are our dogs everything and they are yet a small part of our lives and we all feel guilty about it. When SHAR first had max she was single, than came Kai who she laid the rule for Kai that he need to embrace max. True enough, max embrace Kai whole heartedly as one of his owner too. As dogs play an important role in our lives we want to share our joyful moments, or life milestones with them. Same for Shar she wants Max to be in her pre-wedding photo shoot. But its not easy, especially when we are dealing with rescued dogs. We have to let them be familiar with the environment constantly assuring them that its ok. For Shar’s case she had a water sports photo shoot with max, and to do that she had to condition max to swim and be comfortable with the large vehicle. Its not an easy feat especially everyone knows that pre-wedding shoot is already a tiring thing and having a canine needs a lot more patience. But we guarantee you the photos will turnout great and a memory of a lifetime.
There are many ways to do a water photo shoot with the man you love and with the dog you love. You can always consider renting a private yacht or chartering a sailboat. This will give you more control over the details of your event. Do remember to also speak to your photographer if he/she is comfortable to shoot such adventurous outdoor scenes and not just posing at some tress. In addition also the bridal company as you will be wetting the gown and they must be absolutely cool about it. Also your will need to train your pet to be unafraid of the water. Remember not all dogs love water.  Consider to join an event such as PAssion Wave where your pet can slowly try out the water under the supervision of trained professionals. This will surely be a good chance to desensitize your dog to water or even better, to love water. As water activities have multiple benefits to a dog’s health later in their lives. Keep a look our for the post for an outdoor dog-friendly wedding!