As many of us hear the word Fort Road, this is what we often picture of:

Ford Road

Sky-scrapping condos in the prime area, hustling and bustling cars on the highway and our featured dog today was born here. However, not in the hush homes of humans but in one of the cold construction sites. Not all are born with a silver spoon, few years ago, as Fort road was home to a series of developments,


Our boy today, Curry, was born stray. No one knows when exactly he was born. But everyone around the site knew that he was a sociable boy as he would approach the construction workers with a broad smile and show his heart-melting puppy eyes. As a result the workers there cared for him and fed him, and gave him the name “Kali” after a Hindu Goddess, probably because of his demure nature.  

One day, he was caught in a fight with another stray that left him injured on the leg, and he was limping with scars around his body. SOSD found him and rescued him with some other of his friends, and thereby began his journey in the shelter home. Although the shelter was not the best place to be in, he remained joyful and never lost his passion for life. He was said to be the most friendly dog among his pack and has always melted the hearts of his caretakers there.


He found a sweetheart whose name was Bindi in the shelter and two of them were almost always glued to each other. However, on one fine day, Bindi was adopted and found her forever home, Curry was devastated and couldn’t eat for many days. Weeks later, Mindi ran away from her adopted home, possibly out of anguishing separation from Curry. The volunteers located Bindi in a forest, but no one dared to approach as Mindi was skittish and might run away again. Knowing of their relationship, they brought Curry with them. Upon hearing Curry’s voice calling out for her, she ran out to him joyfully and she happily jump into the car, and thankfully she was secured.    But Curry’s Journey for his forever home seemed to be endless, with only the prospect of him living his end in the shelter. Despite him being the most cheerful and endearing dog around, he was never selected by potential adopters. 

Curry’s destiny finally took a turn one day when his true Hooman appeared in the shelter, she knew that he was the one, at the very first eye. She fell in love with him.


that was him during his first day at home, he seemed to be most delighted. Therefore the days of accustoming to a new home started. But he was the most positive boy still. Photo below shows that he’s a little white riding hood after his first bath. 


“Me iz not fond of bath” he whispered in an inaudible voice.


But me loves “zzzz”.  Eating and sleeping is my hobby.


Me also like to seduce hooman. Look at my sexy post.


me loves car rides, car rides are the best, where are we going hooman?


but me still prefers sleep.


I attempted to find a new home but hooman stopped me 😩 I no likes long walkies! Hooman bring me out for over an hour.

Although sometimes mischief, he’s still the goofy and cheeky boy that would bring a smile to the whole family.

We believe that every dog deserves to have the best life they ought to. Curry’s life is one example. born in the shags, but have his life overturned. We love him for who he is and the joy he always brings. It reminds us that whatever the circumstances, there’s always a reason to rejoice. 

May he always be happy and we hope that we have a part to play in his welfare.

May his awesomeness Curry live to a long life!

Ah Chye’s Family.