Donation Drive for SOSD


Why not buy for dehydrated dog treats for yourself and support the shelter at the same time. You get the treats and the shelter receives a donation. Now, we’ll be doing a Chinese New Year giveaway for Save our street dogs (SOSD).

Forget me not dog shelter donation drive

forget me not dog shelter

With all your support, we managed to raise $872 for forget me not shelter. We hope to express our gratitude to all of you who helped us achieve this amazing results.

Putting a smile on homeless dogs

adopt a dog

In light of the recent opening from COVID-19, there’s a surge in abandoned pets. And shelters see a surge in the number of rescues. Although shelter dogs are well taken care of by our faithful co-workers. They’re often scared, skittish, and uncertain about humans. And the process towards rehabilitation is often long. Most shelters do […]

This dog’s attempt to escape shower draws laughter

dog in mud

The previous time my human took me out, he insisted that I had a shower before I go in to the house, this time I’m going to preempt this from happening. I’m going to do my own shower on my own terms. I’m sure human will be delighted. Here is a snippet on how I […]

This dog attempt to reach the ball makes us laughing

Maybe you feel like this when you are trying to make ends meet and yet at the same time trying to achieve work-life-balance. Maybe you are a young parent trying to struggle between care-taking responsibilities and your work. If you do feel meaningless, perhaps it’s time to find meaning in your life. To reconnect with […]

Are there ghosts in this world?

It was very early in the morning, and we were walking along a very remote path that leads to the forest. Because we were fairly sure that there will be no one around, so I decided to let chye off-leash. She’s trained to follow me, and she will always look back every few seconds to […]

What is in the dark forest?


Today I knocked off early and reached home at about 6pm. When we got to the dog park, it was already 7pm. We anticipated that there’ll be a lot of dogs there. But to our surprise, there weren’t any. So we went to the forest instead. As it is our usual play place. Chye would […]

Can you see the lady in white?

My hooman has insomnia so me as his support animal has a responsibility to accompany him. Every night at 3am, we would go out to play. There’s usually nobody during these unholy hours, so we always had fun. The rooftop is our usual play place. We play fetch, chasing, tug, and games that only both […]