The Benefits Of Adopting A Dog In Your Life

Adopting a dog from an animal shelter is a great way to save a life and give a loving home to a deserving pup. Many of these fur-babies are loving in nature. Some may have certain issues that needs to be worked on, but which pup doesn’t have issues? Morever, isn’t working thru the issues the most fulfilling thing in the whole process of life.

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When adopting a dog from a animal shelter instead of buying one from a breeder. you choose to reduce the demand and hence reduce the lucrative lure that brings some unscrupulous  breeders to continue on with over-charging their customers. But first you must do it for the right reasons, and that is to welcome a life into your family. If you choose so, you have to do it wholeheartedly. And you must access your ability to commit your kindness for the next decade or so, because the cost of having a fur-kid is something that you must be willing to spend. But once you agree to adopting, you’ll be helping in a social causes, by reducing the demand. More importantly, breeding dogs live a life of suffering, many dogs are breed for a few cycles and considered “unhealthy” or “unwanted”. Most  ex-breeding dogs end up with the fate of being euthanized after they do not serve their the profitable purpose anymore for their business owners.    

Second, when adopting a dog, you’ll help homeless animals find homes.When you bring one in to your family, not only are you adding love and affection that these animals can bring to your homes. You are reducing the pain and suffering that comes with being in the left alone to fend for themselves in this concrete jungle where they are not supposed to be in. They are just not made to understand human traffic rules if not taught.

Third, you’ll make a difference in the lives of dogs who might otherwise end up being euthanized. In other countries, thousands of animals are being culled per year or even per month in some animal shelter. As humans are encroaching into their natural habitat (strictly speaking it originally belonged to them), when we develop new living spaces for our own needs, these animals are forced to crossed paths with humans, sometimes, they might not know how to interact with us, and hence miscommunications happens, and then things spiral down. If we were to start it all from the right tone in the beginning, the situation could have been much better. But strictly speaking in Singapore, there’s no kill animal shelter per se. Most shelters would carry the dogs until the end of their lives. Only in critical circumstances where the dog is in pain and suffering then would the shelters considering do so. So, helping a shelter dog not only helps the dog alone, but also frees up space for the next dog to be rehabilitated and be given a second chance.

Fourth, when you Adopting A Dog, you’ll enjoy the companionship of a loyal pet. Dogs are known to be humans best friend not for no reason. Once they recognize you as their owner, they will be willing to sacrifice anything to protect you and your property. The joy of owning them is real, as they will reciprocate the love you have shown to them.  

Fifth, you’ll gain a sense of responsibility as you care for a living creature. Dogs are best to teach a kid to be responsible to their own lives. Because first to be responsible of their pet’s lives they need to be responsible of their own lives. They will learn how to manage time in such a way that they will have enough time for their loving pets. They will learn to give up their gaming time in order to care for their love ones. This will train them into responsible adults. As they would understand the priorities in lives and make sensible judgements with regards on how to use their time.

Sixth, you’ll learn how to train a dog. which can be a very fulfilling experience. Seventh, you’ll become more active as they require exercise. and when you exercise them, you yourself get the exercise too. furthermore,  isn’t the idea of an exercise buddy a exactly this, that they will pull you up even in times when you feel demotivated to exercise. The author is a couch potato before he had his dog. Now he’s being pulled out of this coach whenever he transform into this potato. Eighth, you’ll meet people with similar interests. Ninth, you’ll feel good about yourself. Tenth, you’ll have fun, and most importantly you’ll receive love from day to day. Their goofy antics will surely bring laughter into your lives. So do consider adopting one. Do check out forget me not shelter if you’re interested in bringing one of these fur-kids into your house.

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