First prize: Claire $30

Second Prize: Milo

Third Prize: Eevie

Congratulations to these three winners! I’ll be releasing the answers later anyone still interested can send me the answers and I’ll still give you a $10 prize. Until  28/2/2023.

Evil Pawpa is giving Chye a hard time! Can you help to save Chye? You see, Chye is a fishing dog. A labrador Retriever. She can jump into the water and catch a fish in a split of a second. In the straits of Singapore, it’s known that there are only two types of fish. Tuna and Salmon. Tuna is blue in color and salmon is orange. Chye can catch those easily. But now ,Chye is a dog and unlike humans, she cannot differentiate the fish through color. But thru her bite, she can tell the length of the fish very well. It is known that Tuna are mostly larger than Salmon, but there’s a small chance that the big salmon can be larger than the small Tuna. Try to click the button multiple times to see the length of the fish Chye catches. Pawpa demands that Chye properly segregates the Tuna and Salmon correctly into their respective bins. Or else there will be no fish treats for Chye, which is very sad for her.  Click on the catch fish button multiple times to find your clue. (the fish are distributed by a normal distribution and their variances are the same) fish dog treats

Can you help to determine the optimal (best) length by which any fish longer than that length she will fetch and throw it into the Tuna bin and those smaller than that length she will throw it into the Salmon bin. She doesn’t need to get all correct! She just needs to get as much correct as possible. So please leave your answers down on the comments section, or you can message pawpa on instagram or on pawpa’s phone number to state your answer. There will be three prizes for the winners. First is $30 voucher for the one which gets the answer closest to the optimal. Of course with workings! Second prize of $20 gift card for the person with the second best answer and third prize of $10 vouchers for the person with the third best answer. Also there’s a most creative answer with a prize of $20 voucher. And two prizes of $10 gift cards for those with the two next best creative answers.No Strings attach. This cash cards are equivalent to cash and there’s really no minimum purchase. This is a gift that is based on your own merit.  

As a motivation, I’ve to say that this is preliminary for any machine learning course. This is what most modern machine learning is built on and it’s taught in every first lesson of machine learning and AI course. Of course recent AI development has surpassed this stage with the launch of ChatGPT. But it doesn’t mean that the basics are not important anymore. This is one way in which computers learn to differentiate faces of different people. As such it’s one the the building blocks of machine learning and AI. So hope that this will motivate you to participate and join to solve this problem. Click on the catch fish multiple times and try to note down the lengths on a notebook, and see what conclusions can you make! Best of luck!

fish dog treats

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