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In light of the recent opening from COVID-19, there’s a surge in abandoned pets. And shelters see a surge in the number of rescues. Although shelter dogs are well taken care of by our faithful co-workers. They’re often scared, skittish, and uncertain about humans. And the process towards rehabilitation is often long. Most shelters do have sponsors for kibbles, however kibbles alone do not help the most in terms of training and desensitization of ex-stray dogs who might have been through a hard time. Sometimes it takes a little more than kibbles.

So Ah Chye Pet Treats Pte. Ltd. decided to do something for them.

Between 22 Sept 2022 and 28 Sept 2022, Ah Chye Pet Treats will be embarking on an exclusive collaboration with

With every purchase made, Ah Chye Pet Treats will donate an equivalent portion of it to Pawful, which would in turn go to the bellies of our fur friends at shelters, and even those on the streets. is a NUS student led initiative that promotes reduction of wastage, by collecting near-expiry pet supplies and donating them to shelters in need.

They help to promote a better society by reducing waste and therefore protecting the environment while at the same time providing for needy animals.

if you are keen to help. please order as per normal from Ah chye pet treats and add a note, ” I want to participate “. Please do not use any discount code or gift vouchers. You’ll get your order delivered to your house. And a replica of your order delivered to homeless dogs. This will be donated by Ah Chye Pet Treats Pte. Ltd on its own capacity. We do not lobby for donations.

An appreciation video will be uploaded to thank those who have joined us on this journey. πŸ’›

Thank you

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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