As both of us are working parents, we often come home to kids and dogs all wanting our attention. Of course, we are happy to attend to their needs. This affection, often endearing, however, is sometimes too much. As mere humans that are so drained after we come back from work, we sometimes imagine that one day, maybe one day, we can have some time of our own. Today, we came home to this scene, the kids and dog was just exhausting themselves out. At that moment, we felt that we just invented the perpetual motion machine, from now on we can have our own me-time and peace. This peace, for God’s sake, did not last long. But that brief moment, we saw a light, we saw a future, where we can finally sit back and relax and enjoy that bottle of wine. We were the ones that gotten them, my wife asked when will these mayhem end. I said probably after college. Mark my words.

The kids are exhausting themselves.

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