Me and Chye are walking along a remote path. Suddenly….

It was very early in the morning, and we were walking along a very remote path that leads to the forest. Because we were fairly sure that there will be no one around, so I decided to let chye off-leash. She’s trained to follow me, and she will always look back every few seconds to check that I’m safe. I know her and we have been best tracking buddies on many of our walks. Today, she was her usual self. Jolly and goofy, however, when we reached a point in the woods, she suddenly growl and barked. She rarely barks, most people that know her have never heard her bark. But this time was different, she barked and blocked me from moving forward. And she quickly lead me away. I guess I trust her. I know that she’ll take care of me whatever that is ahead.

P/s: it was only when I got back that someone told me that at the exact spot there was a brutal murder case 10 years ago. A nigerian rape and killed a young girl in the exact spot. The girl was only 25 years old, such a pity. It still gives me goosebumps until now. The act of murder was extremely brutal, and the murderer was only sentense to 12 years of jail. This is extremely tragic. I’ve no words to describe my sorrow as I’m writing this. Here is the link to the news.


Although I’m really sad for the victim. I’m still glad that Chye may have sense the aura, and brought me to safety. Three Cheers for Chye.

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