When chye was young she was particularly exuberant. She would often jump on people, lunge on the leash. Although she does it out of excitement, as she’s a big dog, I realized that it could cause a kid or a non dog lover to feel threatening. Yet I do not want to correct her until a point where she’s worried about meeting new people. I want her to be friendly but not overly friendly until it intimidates the other party. It was difficult to balance both these contentious objectives at first, so we took baby steps. We started at home when she was a puppy. As soon as we got her, I instilled the concept that when she jumped on me, I would not scold her, but to move away or go to the room to signify that it is time out. No more play. Quickly she realized that jumping on people out of excitement is a no-no, whenever she’s overly excited. I would give her a time out. Soon she realized that excess excitement at home is not permissible. Soon we moved outdoors, as soon as she met our neighbors, and if she wags her tail, but do not approach further. I’ll reward her with a treat. Soon she realized that greeting neighbors would mean that trestos are coming. Although my neighbors do not know, but whenever chye greets them and wags her tail, without approaching too early. They would be happy. Now chye is very comfortable with humans. She doesn’t even bark whenever the delivery man comes.

Here’s an example how she greets our neighbors.

Chye greeted one of our neighbors.

Everybody in the neighborhood knows her and says that she’s really an affectionate doggo. It makes me happy.

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