We are out in the sun, but suddenly, out of nowhere, it started to rain.

So we decided to make the best out of it by playing in the rain. isn’t it also a metaphor for life? When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade. So we did exactly that. I even poop in the rain, making the mixture a messy puddle of chocolate fondue. I’m sure the poop-picker, would be so glad about this gift.

Pooping in the rain.

Eventually, the poop-picker reluctantly picks it up. Actually, I was thinking provide some organic fertilization but since he insist, I was fine to go on with it. Every kick-back shows my defiance to the heavens for such an untimely pour. Probably it’s really literally raining cats and dogs. Don’t ask me why my face looks so sad, you need to know that before every success there’s always a price to pay. No free lunch in the world!

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